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The South Fyn Archipelago is A World Class Archipelago as it is unique for sailing. The Archipelago is a flooded landscape formed during the ice age, and it promises to be a challenge and an exceptional sailing experience for everyone. 

Here, among the many islands, the shallow water, the straits full of currents, the small cosy harbours and the larger towns all provide a series of unique experiences and great memories. In the South Fyn Archipelago, we have strived to create new experiences for all sailors, and to metaphorically build a bridge between the harbour and the in - land countryside thus having even more to offer our sailing visitors.


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Ærøskøbing Gl. Havn

Avernakø Bådehavn


Ballen Lystbådehavn

Drejø Havn

Faaborg Havn

Hjortø Havn

Rantzausminde Havn

Rudkøbing Havn

Skarø Havn

Strynø Havn

Svendborg Havn

Svendborg Lystbådehavn

Ristinge Havn

Drejø GL. Havn

Lohals Lystbådehavn

Lyø Havn

Marstal Havn Erhvervs-, færge-, fiskeri- og lystbådehavn

Søby Havn (Ærø)

Troense Bådehavn

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