Rantzausminde Havn

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  • Rantzausminde Havn
  • Rantzausminde Havn
  • Rantzausminde
  • Rantzausminde
  • Rantzausminde
  • Rantzausminde
  • Rantzausminde

Beautiful scenery. Rantzausminde Marina is located in calm and scenic surroundings about 5 kilometres from Svendborg and close to a forest in which you might want to take a walk. Right by the harbour, you will find child-friendly grassy areas and a beach – and you can go crab fishing!

Located a small way west of the marina, Lehnskov Beach is a nice place to take a dip and is a popular windsurfing spot.

Beautiful view of the Strait. Sit back in your cockpit and enjoy the view of Svendborgsund (Svendborg Strait) with ferries, yachts, and commercial vessels passing by – in the distance, you will see the green islands of the Archipelago.

Grocery shopping. Svendborg is within cycling distance from the marina (approx. 5 km), but if you prefer, you can take the bus instead. When you enter Svendborg from the west, you will pass Svendborg Svømmeland (swimming facility) and the new SG-idrætshus (sports centre).

However, you do not have to go all the way to Svendborg to do your grocery shopping. Near the marina, you will find a convenience store, an ice-cream-stand, a gas station and a kiosk.


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Port taxes
Freeport: No
Crane: Der er mastekran på havnen
Harbour tariffs 0,00 m. - 8,99 m.195,00 DKK 9,00 m. - 11,99 m.225,00 DKK 12,00 m. - 14,99 m.265,00 DKK 15,00 m. - 19,99 m.315,00 DKK 20,00 m. - 29,99 m.445,00 DKK
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Phone 6223 3080
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