Through Skaarupsund (Skaarup Strait) towards Thurø

Before 1934, when the dam connecting Thurø and Fyn was completed, there were several ferry services between the island and the mainland. Thurø Town’s many blind alleys leading towards the strait are from the era, when all communication was by sea. The so-called “Præstelandingen” (The Minister’s Landing) near Thurø Church was the pier to which the minister was sailed from Fyn, while Thurø did not have its own minister for a short period of time.

Thurø Rev (Thurø Reef) jots dangerously out into the sea southeast of Thurø, and you have to keep some distance to the reef’s tip. Thurø Rev has been formed by settlement on the southern and eastern coasts of Thurø, which over time has created beach ridges. The tide flows through natural channels, and the fragile tidal meadows are under environmental protection.

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