Little Belt
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Little Belt, with its unique location, the beautiful and varied scenery, and the variety of outdoor recreation opportunities one of the best places to stay active vacation.

Fang spring's first garfish from the pier in one of the three ports. Dive at Kongebrogården and see large colonies of sole, pink jorbærpolypper and huge sønelliker. Ta 'on whale watching and spot porpoises, the world's smallest whale. Every summer frolicking almost 3,000 of the small whales in the Little Belt waves. Or ta 'Bridge Walking, where you can see it all from above, as you cross the bridge of 60 meters. You can also challenge each other in mountain forests. Or try windsurfing or SUP in beautiful and safe environment.

The area also offers magnificent cultural experiences. Here is a visit to Christiansfeld, in the summer of 2015 was named Unesco World Heritage, a must. Also visit the reopened ceramics museum CLAY, ramparts in Fredericia or Trapholt Art Museum.

Both Middelfart, Kolding and Fredericia has a good selection of interesting specialty shops and cozy cafes and restaurants.

If you rent a bicycle to explore the area on two wheels, you can along the way fill bicycle basket with fresh local food at the many farm shops and from local producers. Stock up on beer and wine, fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk, sausages, fish, beer, coffee and chocolate in the best quality.

Each season has its own charm and its possibilities - and by the Little Belt is a short distance between the good experiences!

Little Belt - enjoy the presence!


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