South Zealand and Møn
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South Zealand & Møn has something special to offer when it comes to recreational sailing, sailing environment and not least, sailing experiences.

South Coast of Denmark boasts Denmark’s longest coastline and plenty of experiences on, in and by the sea.

You’ll sail right into Denmark’s stories on some of the country’s most beautiful waters with just a short distance between the destination harbours. A multitude of exciting experiences await just as soon as you have berthed. Along the long coastline you’ll find many cosy and unique harbours, all of which are filled with charm and atmosphere.

When you visit the harbours of South Zealand & Møn, you can be sure that you’re never very far from a great experience. South Zealand & Møn has something for everyone, with unique experiences for all ages. Whether you’re seeking active experiences in nature, either hiking, cycling — or on the water, where you can truly find a blue adventure. Or if you’d rather go back in time in some of the interesting museums or visit the many inviting restaurants located at or near the harbours.

There are so many wonderful family-friendly attractions where you can spend time together as a family and enjoy a range of great experiences. Touring around South Zealand & Møn, you can enjoy unique nature experiences at the two impressive cliffs, and you can go to the top of the 45-metre-high forest tower, which provides a wonderful view over the whole of South Zealand & Møn.

When darkness falls, it is worth remembering to look upwards, where on the islands of Møn and Nyord you can experience the amazing starry sky in Scandinavia’s first certified Dark Sky Park. And if you visit Møn’s harbours, you’ll sail directly into the UNESCO Biosphere area.

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