The Danish Riviera
The Danish Riviera

Royal North Zealand, the Danish Riviera, Copenhagen’s green front garden… It goes by many different names! 

Visit beautiful North Zealand, where countless amazing adventures await you. 

While the world has an abundance of stunning beaches, the coasts of North Zealand boast some of the best beaches in Europe and a totally unique holiday ambience.  The beaches and the idyllic harbours line the coast like a string of pearls. You will discover how each harbour is totally unique, but how they all share a common history of thrilling seafaring and trade. Eat at top-notch restaurants and charming cafés. Read our nautical tales and cock-and-bull stories of pirates and shipwrecks. Get to know the friendly shops on the north coast and enjoy an ice cream in the harbour. Listen to a concert from your boat. 

The Danish Riviera is a place for romance and relaxation, cultural activities and an abundance of opportunities for quality time with the people you care about. Work up a sweat with a healthy bike ride in our beautiful countryside or enjoy total peace of mind as your fishing rod gently bobs in the crystal water. You simply must disembark from your boat for a tour of North Zealand, relishing all the experiences that await you in this stunning corner of Denmark.  

Visit us and discover our fascinating North Zealand – all year round!

-Thousands of adventures await you!


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