Welcome to Karrebæksminde Outer Harbour

Karrebæksminde Outer Harbour is based outside the Karrebæksminde Bridge, which means that visitors are not dependent on the bridge being open to sail in Smålandsfarvandet or return to harbour.

In the Outer Harbour there are wonderful views of Smålandsfarvandet, and right next to the harbour is one of Zealand’s best beaches, manned by lifeguards from the Tryg Foundation. All slips offer a panoramic view of the channel, where the bridge is opened every hour for the passage of boaters and of large ships which are on their way to Næstved’s commercial port.

Good facilities

The Outer Harbour has 76 slips and four guest slips spread over two bridges. In the 4 guest slips you can dock lengthways. The harbour also has a long ship bridge facing the canal, where it is possible to dock if you arrive in a large boat: for example 50 feet or larger.

The clubhouse has washrooms and showers free of charge. There is also a kitchen with a stove and refrigerator/freezer for free use. In front of the clubhouse is a lovely green area belonging to the outer harbour, with a barbecue, benches and tables.

Experiences in and around Karrebæksminde

Karrebæksminde is a very popular sailing destination. As a guest or regular, you will want for nothing, and if your boat is docked in the harbour, you can easily spend your weekend or holiday here. There are a number of shopping options, including a good grocer which is open 7 days a week, all year round, and other bakeries, fish shops, restaurants, snack bars, clothing shops, etc.

During the summer and at weekends there are often outdoor events with live music, as well as a number of other activities held throughout the year.

If you’re in the mood for a longer excursion, Næstved offers a variety of fun experiences which are worth a visit, including Gavnø Castle, BonBon-Land, and Næstved Automobile, Nostalgic and Collector Museum – and in Rønnede you’ll find Camp Adventure and the impressive Forest Tower.

See you in the Outer Harbour.


at Karrebæksminde Yderhavn
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near the harbor

Café Vivaldi

Ved Broen 2 A
4736 Karrebæksminde

Ditlevsens Fiskehus

Alleen 43 A
4736 Karrebæksminde

Martens Spisested

Alleen 43 B
4736 Karrebæksminde

Restaurant Brohjørnet

Alleen 36 st
4736 Karrebæksminde

Kursus- og Konferencecenter Smålandshavet

Alleen 44
4736 Karrebæksminde

Selvskabslokalet Molen

Alleen 50
4736 Karrebæksminde

Fiskehuset Enø

Ved Broen 5
4736 Karrebæksminde


stejlepladsen 23
4736 Karrebæksminde


near Karrebæksminde Yderhavn


near Karrebæksminde Yderhavn

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near Karrebæksminde Yderhavn

Karrebæksminde Yderhavn

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