Hårbølle Harbour is a small, charming harbour on the western part of the island of Møn.

The harbour is abuzz with activity from local fishermen, which helps make the harbour a place with lots of atmosphere and charming local street life.

Hårbølle Harbour is also busy with visiting sailors from near and far, who berth here to visit the area's excellent tourist attractions and stock up on provisions in the charming and well-stocked marine store.

At the harbour, you can often enjoy music and an authentic café atmosphere at the unique café/store Hårbølle Havne Høker, which is open from Whitsun and throughout the summer.

East of the harbour, you will find good swimming conditions at the nice bathing beach. The area is also known as an angler's paradise.

The point Hårbølle Pynt is an extraordinary landscape that you will not find anywhere else in Denmark. The landscape was formed by flint that was brought there from the cliff Møns Klint by the waves and currents. On the east side of the harbour, there are footpaths with green areas, ideal for hikes straight towards the water.

Boat racing

Hårbølle Harbour hosts the annual boat race Kapsejlads Møn Rundt – two races – both starting on a Saturday morning. The classic distance race Møn Rundt and the new race "Møn Open", which is a shorter race for all kinds of vessels on the sound of Grønsund and under the Farø Bridge.

Hårbølle Harbour is also the starting point for the extreme race Møn - from harbour to harbour. It took place for the first time in 2014. 


Some will have the cliff Møns Klint as a highlight to sail past during the race, while others will get to enjoy the sound of Grønsund and the pylons of the Farø Bridge during their sail. From land, you can enjoy the view of a lot of beautiful sailboats on the sound of Grønsund and around Møn.

Møn UNESCO Biosphere

Møn and the surrounding islands and waters have been designated as Denmark's first and only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The UNESCO designation celebrates and recognizes that we have some of the world's most fantastic nature and a rich cultural heritage, where we locally make significant efforts to develop society in harmony with nature.

Dark Sky Møn & Nyord

It is exceptionally dark on Møn. On late summer nights, you can see the Milky Way as a broad milky-white band of light stretching across the sky and disappearing behind the horizon of the Baltic Sea. The unique darkness on Møn and Nyord has been designated by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) as the first Dark Sky Park and Dark Sky Community in the Nordic region.

New discount scheme

Your 3rd night is free after 2 consecutive nights in one of the municipality's other harbours. The 2 nights don't have to be in the same harbour, you can stay one night in one harbour and the next night in another harbour.
Permanent residents who visit one of the municipality’s other harbours can get up to two consecutive nights free of charge.



at Hårbølle Havn
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near the harbor

Hårbølle Havne Høker

Hårbølle Bro 10 A
4792 Askeby


near Hårbølle Havn


near Hårbølle Havn

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