Dyreborg and Ny Dyreborg (New Dyreborg)

Dyreborg (55° 04.288’ N 010° 13.079’ E) is an old fishing ground, however, only anglers and semi-commercial fishermen tend to fish here. A local saying goes like this: Dyreborg was built on herring. This originates in the period between 1880 and 1890 when the local fishermen experienced a full-blown success with regards to catching herring. It resulted in a lot of income and growth for the small community. 37 new houses were built and the population trebled.

In the late 19th century, owing to its wonderful location, Dyreborg became attractive for the citizens of Faaborg and other cities, who found it delightful as a rural getaway during the warm summer months. Thus, Dyreborg Sommerhotel (Dyreborg Summer Hotel) was established in the street called Fiskervænget in a 20-year-old grocery store, which had sadly been driven out of business by a recently opened co-operative store. An actor from Copenhagen designed the interior of the summer hotel, which opened in 1900. The hotel only had three rooms, so the management made an agreement with the local fishermen: families on vacation could rent the fishermen’s houses, while they themselves moved into their outhouses. Catering would take place at the hotel, which soon expanded to contain a large dining hall seating almost one hundred people.

For this reason, Dyreborg became popular with Faaborg’s many social circles when it was time to throw a party or arrange an outing to the countryside.

In 1903, the “Ellen” steam ship company was established, and its ferry – also called “Ellen” – navigated the new ferry route Faaborg-Dyreborg-Lyø-Avernakø-Søby, which existed until 1928. The summer hotel eventually changed its name to Dyreborg Kro (Dyreborg Inn) and was in operation until 1974.

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