Bøjden Harbour

The copyholders and their farmhands were in charge of the ferry operations to Fynshav. Back then, the small ferries moored at a pier at Dyndkrog (55° 05.989’ N 010° 04.789’ E) where the main road ended back then – it is located east of the current ferry berth, which was established in 1967.

Sailing further west past the current ferry berth along the coast, you will reach the jetty, which is called Bøjden Havn (Bøjden Harbour) among the locals (55° 06.402’ N 010° 05.792’ E). On the digital chart, however, it is marked as “Bro” (pier). The water depth is 2 metres by the jetty, but do be careful around it. The small harbour is absolutely worth a visit, if your boat is not too big. The harbour is not exactly luxurious, but it has a toilet and running water, and there is a grocery store at the nearby camping site. Right next to the jetty, there is a small beach, which is suitable for swimming.


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