Island hopping on the South Funen small islands

Go island hopping in the South Funen waters

Visit the fascinating small islands in the South Funen archipelago – a stretch of water that, due to its history, has now been named a UNESCO Geopark. The small islands are close together here, and it is easy to visit several of them over the course of a summer or weekend sail.

On the map below, the island-hopping trip suggestion runs from the west to the east. But you can put together your trip in many different ways, depending on weather conditions and crew preferences.

Farthest west is Lyø. It is easy to enter Lyø Harbour, but make sure not to enter or exit the harbour when the ferry is in, as it sends propeller current into the harbour entrance. There are among 85 visitors’ berths, and in the words of the harbour master, there may be a ’pile-up’ in the afternoon during holiday season. Tip: You may anchor at Revkrogen and enter the harbour the next morning when there is room.

Drejø: World-class Island idyll. The island is located the exact same distance from the islands Ærø, Funen and Tåsinge, which has made some people describe it as “located in the centre of the world”.

Drejø offers two harbours to visit. The old Gamle Drejø Havn is small, charming and well-preserved from back when there was fishing and cargo traffic from the harbour. A dredged channel leads into the harbour, and the depths may be a challenge to larger vessels.

The new Drejø Havn is located by the ferry berth, has nice amenities and can be navigated by larger vessels.

Drejø is famous for its nice bathing beaches, in particular Bækskilde Beach with nice white sand, a bathing jetty and waters of a child-friendly depth.

Avernakø is one of the largest South Funen small islands and, like Drejø, it has two harbours to choose from - Avernakø Bådehavn and Korshavn Bro. Originally, Avernakø was two islands. Today, they are connected by a ”turn” with a dam. Avernakø Bådehavn has been through a renovation, and it has a gorgeous location and high-quality amenities.

Hjortø is tiny with just a handful of residents. Nonetheless, the island offers amazing experiences for true nature lovers. A dredged and buoyed channel leads into Hjortø harbour.

At the entrance (from the west) to Svendborgsund, you will find Skarø.

Even though Skarø is tiny, the island is renowned for its excellent eateries with island specialties, amazing ice cream and music events – combined with beautiful nature and that special island atmosphere.

Skarø Havn welcomes pleasure crafts of most sizes.

In the eastern end of the archipelago, at the west coast of Langeland, you will find Strynø. A visit to Strynø can easily be combined with an overnight stay in Rudkøbing or Marstal, both just a short distance away. At Strynø, you will find excellent conditions for kayaking due to the shallow water west of the island. If you want an extraordinary experience, join a seal safari. Barge trips run at regular intervals from Smakkecenteret at the west coast of the island. Read more about Strynø Harbour here.

Check out the harbour plans and navigation conditions before you enter the harbour. The depths in the different island harbours may differ markedly. The map is an overview map, and may not be used for navigation.


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