Island hopping the small islands in the Kattegat

Island hopping the small islands in the Kattegat

Off the Central Jutland coast, you will find many islands with cosy island marinas within relatively short sailing distances. The islands Hjarnø, Endelave and Tunø are a paradise for yachtsmen looking for activities, child-friendly vacations and extraordinary island experiences.

Tunø Harbour is home to a unique sense of peace and tranquillity that is created by its lack of cars and its idyllic natural surroundings.

Tunø Harbour has nice harbour amenities. The children can bathe at the chalky sandy beaches, go exploring on the harbour and playground or catch crabs and go on a Treasure Hunt – ask at the harbour master’s office for more information.

If you’re interested in visiting some of the island’s tourist attractions, we recommend visiting our church and light tower, which is actually the only church in the EU that also functions as a light tower. 

From Tunø, your next stop will be Endelave – the Active Island in the Kattegat that was named Island of the Year in 2020. Beautiful nature surrounded by excellent seas ... And wild bunnies! 

Endelave harbour is located 10 km (6.2 miles) off Horsens Fjord in the Kattegat. There are two entrances: One from the north – this is where the ferry route is – and one from the west across a shallow area.

Hjarnø Bridge and harbour are as cosy as they come. Here, you are ’far from everything’ – with a peace and quiet that touches your soul. The harbour is among the smallest in Denmark, and it happens to have Denmark’s smallest harbour master’s office as well. The marina has room for around 10 visiting yachtsmen, and you will soon find yourself in conversation with other yachtsmen and the island residents. There is a solid and safe anchoring place right by the marina.

Check out the harbour plans and navigation conditions before you enter the harbour. The depths in the different island harbours may differ markedly. The map is an overview map, and may not be used for navigation

Endelave havn

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