Island hopping the small islands in the Great Belt and the Smålandsfarvandet

Go island hopping in the Great Belt and the Smålandsfarvandet

In the Great Belt and Smålandsfarvandet, you will find five small islands that are spots of natural beauty in different ways.

The trip suggested on the map below runs from the west to the east. First, we encounter Agersø and Omø on our trip, both centrally located in the Great Belt, off the tip of South West Zealand.

Agersø has it all. It is an oasis for children and has beautiful nature and historic sights. The harbour is connected to the industrial harbours – this creates a charming mix of ferry, fishing vessels and pleasure crafts, and you can almost always get hold of freshly caught fish for your evening meal.

Agersø Harbour is easy to navigate, and the marina offers around 100 visitor’s berths.
Just up in the village, you will find a well-stocked grocery store, and the island offers different options for eating out: café, harbour grill and smokehouse.

Make sure to visit Omø, a short distance from Agersø, as well. Here you will find everything a yachting family can dream of when it comes to harbour amenities and idyllic island experiences. You will be berthing in the cosy little fishing and yachting harbour Kirkehavn (Omø Harbour) on the northwest coast of the island.

If you sail on to the east from Omø and Agersø, it will take you a good day’s sail to reach the small islands Fejø, Femø and Askø/Lilleø in the Smålandsfarvandet north of Lolland. The islands are close to each other, and if you like culinary island experiences, you should look forward to your stay here.

Femø is a small green gem in the waters known as Smålandsfarvandet, with hilly terrain, idyllic twisting roads, fairy-tale paths and trolls in the trees.

The entrance to Femø Harbour runs through a buoyed entrance; this is the ferry entrance, so there is plenty of space and depth. The harbour has around 100 berths.

There are great bathing beaches all around the island, and the beach right by the marina has a Blue Flag. Here you can enjoy the view across the Smålandsfarvandet to the islands Fejø, Askø/Lilleø, Vejrø and Lolland.

From Femø, sail on to Fejø.

Fejø is the Island of Apples. The nice informal island atmosphere – with the addition of beautiful nature and fresh local island produce – offers you great experiences and room to relax and enjoy yourselves.

The channel leading into Dybvig Harbour (Fejø) is marked with red and green buoys. Study your chart closely – you do not want to stray outside the channel, or you will run aground.

Askø-Lilleø is almost the recipe for calm and relaxation – surrounded by beautiful nature.

When entering the harbour, remember to keep an eye out for seals; they often rest on Den Toppede Sten – “The Crested Rock” – right outside the marina. Sometimes they laze in the sun on the kayakers’ jetty inside the harbour. At the harbour you will find a well-equipped yachtsmen’s house with kitchen and lounge, and there are several barbecue areas nearby.

Askø harbour has 12-15 visitors’ berths, and according to the harbour master, you can usually find one available.

You can get all the way around the island on foot within a couple of hours, get close to the island’s scenery and bird life and experience the many old well-preserved houses and farms. Askø is connected by a dam to Lilleø, which is famous for its orchards.

Check out the harbour plans and navigation conditions before you enter the harbour. The depths in the different island harbours may differ markedly. The map is an overview map, and may not be used for navigation.


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