Femø is a small green gem in the waters known as Smålandsfarvandet, with hilly terrain, idyllic twisting roads, fairy-tale paths and trolls in the trees.

The entrance to Femø Marina runs through a buoyed entrance; this is the ferry entrance, so there is plenty of space and depth.

The marina has around 100 berths – pile moorings and berths along jetties – divided into two basins.

If you arrive in a large boat, you are welcome to call ahead and enquire about available berths, but reservations are not possible.

Beat your children or the boat next to you in a game of ludo

The marina has a brand new yachtsmen’s house: Stenbideren (“the Lumpsucker”). This is where all the fun is.

Here you will find Hyggerummet (“the Nook”) with kitchen, charging station and, not least, a cabinet full of board games – giving you the chance to beat the boat berthed next to you or your children in a game of ludo. You will also find Naturbasen (“the Nature Base”) with fishing nets, hydroscope, books on flowers and much more. Rental bikes can also be found at Stenbideren. Washer, drier, bathrooms/shower and kitchen are located in the yachtsmen’s building.

At the marina, two terraces have been constructed on the piers, complete with barbecue spots.

“Høkeren”, the island’s grocery store, is located at the marina, and there are several eateries around the island.

Children’s beach and gobies

The harbour master is as excited about crab hunting as the children. She often gives a helping hand with the catch and tells the children about gobies, pipefish, shrimp and crabs.

There are great bathing beaches all around the island, and the beach right by the marina has a Blue Flag. Here you can enjoy the view across the Smålandsfarvandet to the islands Fejø, Askø/Lilleø, Vejrø and Lolland.

Treetops full of fairy tales and trolls

Children and the young at heart will find lots of fun at Eventyrstrædet (“the Fairy Tale Alley”). Here, fairy-tale characters can be spotted up in the willow trees – a great opportunity for brushing up on fairy tales. Femø also has a Troldesti (“Troll Path”) where trolls have made their homes in the old trees.

Smuthullet (“the Loophole”) is an open creative carpenter’s workshop where children (with their grown-ups) can try their hands at woodwork.

At the end of July, the marina and island are teeming with life during the Femø Jazz Festival.

Paths, stone steps and sculptures

Jump onto a bike or put on your hiking shoes. Don’t miss a trip through Femø’s beautiful green hills – highest point 22 metres (72 ft.). Explore the enchanting small paths and stone steps. Take a rest on the nice island benches – a moment of bliss for everyone – and let yourself be amazed by the beautiful sculptures that have been erected around the island.

Close to the marina, you will find the island’s beautiful old church with its very well-kept churchyard, a popular excursion spot.

The nature guide offers guided tours on appointment.

Read more about Femø Marina at the website www.lollandhavne.dk (in Danish)



at Femø Havn
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near Femø Havn


near Femø Havn

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