Welcome to Tunø Harbour - the car-free island

Tunø Harbour is home to a unique sense of peace and tranquillity that is created by its lack of cars and its idyllic natural surroundings. The harbour is a welcoming destination for all sailors, but because the island is car-free, it is particularly well suited for families with children, as young ones can play freely at our playground or explore the island area.

Both children and adults have a wealth of opportunities to meet new and interesting people, as the harbour is visited by a wide range of nationalities.  Last year alone, we welcomed visitors from 14 different countries.

The harbour features various common areas where visitors can hold barbeques and other activities. There are also two shops where seasonal vegetables can be purchased, and the local grocer, which is open from morning to evening, is located 400 metres from the harbour. If you’re in need of a bit of pampering, you can visit the harbour’s restaurant, Tunø Røgeri, or the nearby Tunø Kro, Det Gamle Mejeri or Tunø Minigolf for some delicious food.


The harbour is also located near Nordstrand beach, where you and your family can take a well-deserved swim. And if you're clothes are in need of a wash after visiting the beach, a laundry mat is located 250 metres from the harbour in Tunø Ølstykkecenter where it costs 20 kroner to wash and 20 kroner to dry.

Explore the island - wonderful nature

If you’re interested in visiting some of the island’s tourist attractions, we recommend visiting our church and light tower, which is actually the only church in the EU that also functions as a light tower. Otherwise, you can also explore one of our hiking paths on foot. You may also enjoy renting a bicycle from the shop located just 300 metres from the harbour, if you would like to venture out and give the rest of the island a closer look. You are always welcome to visit the harbour office, where, as of 1 June, you can pick up a find a new map of the island.

Low season prices

If you’d like to visit the island outside of the high season, in September and October the harbour fee is half price. This means that boats under 10 metres only pay 75 kroner; 10-13 metre boats pay 100 kroner; and 13-17 metre boats pay 150 kroner.

Harbour fees

Harbour fees must be paid on arrival in the vending machine by the harbour master’s office. Here, you can also purchase a pre-paid card for electricity, water and power. Our 6-day discount card can also be purchased at the vending machine: Pay for 5 days and stay for 6, need not be used all at once. 


You can refuel on petrol and diesel at the grocery store, 650 metres (710 yards) from the marina. Refueling only available within opening hours. Please contact the grocer for large purchases of fuel. 

Transport on Tunø

The island offers a tractor taxi (Traxa) and wagon tours. 


at Tunø Havn
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near the harbor

Stalden Tunø Minigolf, Restaurant

Revet 5

Tunø købmandsgård

Tunø Hovedgade 31


near Tunø Havn


near Tunø Havn

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near Tunø Havn

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