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Fresh fish at Aarø

Not many of the small islands in Denmark can still boast of having active professional fishermen. But Aarø can, and when fresh fish from the waters around the island is available, the newly established store, Pauls Fisk, will be open in the location where his parents ran the old grocery store up in the village Aarø By. You will find the fishmonger’s shop less than 10 minutes’ walk from the harbour, right next to the old farm Brummers Gaard.

The fishmonger’s store is only open when the days’ fishing has brought fresh cod, flounder and perhaps angler and turbot ashore. As with every other kind of fishing, the catch depends on the weather and especially the wind, and therefore the opening hours of the fishmonger’s store are about as predictable as the Danish weather.

Whenever fresh fish is ready to be sold over the counter, the rumour quickly spreads around the entire island, and both residents and visiting tourists will line up to get a share of the day’s catch. Make sure to keep an eye out for the sign that is put up whenever the fishmonger’s store is open.

Aarø offers a variety of fresh produce, and seasonal vegetables and eggs are sold from the store Lones Grønsager on the northern part of the island, when it is open.

Prime fishing places

The large depths of the sound Aarøsund provide excellent conditions for fish, and as such also for anglers. Especially trout and garfish attract anglers who come from afar to line up along the west coast of the island.

At the harbour, you can still encounter cutters and fishing gear, and the beautiful old fisherman’s cottages at the harbour show that fishing is still thriving on the island. You should also visit the smokehouse Aarø Fiskerøgeri, who in addition to smoked fish produce and sell delicacies made from and with fish. You will find Aarø Fiskerøgeri in the middle of the island, a little less than 2 kilometres (1.25 miles) from the harbour.

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