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Norwegian lobster ad libitum on Anholt

Anholt Marina is widely famous for its Norwegian lobster. At the marina’s popular barbecue area, yachtsmen gather throughout the summer to mix and mingle in the shared art of barbecuing the delicious Norwegian lobsters’ tails.

Gathered around the barbecue, it is easy to get into conversations in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German or English with the other yachtsmen who have all been by the harbour’s cutters to get hold of the freshly-caught beautiful crustaceans. Around the barbecue area, everyone’s preferred herbs can be gathered, planted there by the harbour for the use and enjoyment of its visitors.

Anholt Marina is popular

While the grownups exchange yachting adventures and swap stories of when lobsters’ tails are properly done on the barbecue, the children can play shipmaster of their own ships with no worries of going down or catch crabs on the newly-constructed crabbing jetty. After dinner, the grownups can set out on the Fitness track, one of the latest additions to the marina.

Anholt Marina has its own special atmosphere and spirit, and two new piers were opened in 2023 to provide extra space for large vessels. With 15,000 entrances a year, the marina is highly popular, but also quite used to having to find berths for all the visiting vessels. During high season, 6-700 vessels a day visit the marina.

There are enough experiences to enjoy on Anholt to justify staying in the harbour for several days. Give yourself plenty of time to take in the special marina atmosphere and visit the island’s cozy restaurants and bars that offer a view to a spectacular sunset as well as sundowner drinks.

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