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Find the fish on Fur

Every year in May, around 70 very pretty – and quite extraordinary – fish turn up on parade at Fur Harbour. After shoaling up at the harbour for a few weeks, they will quietly ’swim’ out across the island, where they can be found along the island’s major and minor roads.

The first fish turned up around 2008, and since then they have turned up every year from May to October. Every year, both islanders and tourists will hunt for them, and the fish have been the cause of many a small competition about finding the most fish. You should also notice the funny sayings that have turned up on some of the fish.

The masterminds behind the Fur Fish and the entertaining tradition of decorating the entire island with fish are the artists’ community on Fur. All the fish are similar in shape and size, but the imaginative and quite varied decorations have been created by the artists of Fur Kunst.

Art everywhere on Fur

Since the beginning of 2000, the artists’ community on Fur has developed into a very active environment that draws many new artists to the island. Every year in July, an art exhibition with Fur artists is held in the local hall, Fur Forsamlingshus. In the newly renovated gallery, Havnegalleri, you can experience changing exhibits by members of Fur Kunst all summer. If the doors are closed, you are meant to experience the art through the window. In Havnegalleriet, you can also find a map of the many private galleries on the island and information on the different artists.

You cannot buy the fish, but you will find plenty of opportunities to find the local artists and purchase other works of art created on Fur.

The inn Fur Færgekro offers fresh fish on the menu and changing art exhibitions on the walls. The island’s artists also display their art at the brewery Fur Bryghus or in the local stores that we also recommend visiting while you are exploring Fur.

Start your fishing trip on Fur at the harbour.

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