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Experience Fur with a fishing rod

If you brought your fishing rod on board, unique nature experiences await you on Fur. The coast of the beautiful island in the Limfjord is an experience in and of itself.

There are several excellent fishing places with good chances of catching sea trout and garfish. Many years’ efforts to improve the water quality in the Limfjord have come to fruition, and the sea bottom and eelgrass are steadily improving. The famous European lobster of the Limfjord has also found its way back to the area.

At the northwest side of Fur, you will have a good chance of catching sea trout. The best days for fishing are when the tide is high, but in some places the water is very deep all the way to the shore, so make sure to take great care when you wade along the shore. The bottom consists of clay, sand and rocks, which means that onshore winds will make the water turbid.

Take a break from fishing and find your way to the top of the cliffs along the north coast. In clear weather, you can look across the Limfjord from here, and if the weather is nice, you can enjoy a view to the island Mors and the peninsula Salling as well as the provinces Himmerland and Hanherred on the mainland. Here you will be standing on 55-million-year-old mo-clay, so the day’s fishing also includes the chance to bring home fossils from pre-historic fish and birds.

The spit Færker Odde is the easternmost point on the north coast and one of the most popular fishing places on the island. At the tip of the spit, the waters are deep with strong currents and a good bottom. Here, you can fish for sea trout all year round. At the southern side of the spit, you can visit the cove Færker Vig that is well protected from both the north and the west wind.

If you have arrived at Fur by boat, you can rent bicycles at the tourist office that is located close to the harbour. Færker Odde is around 7 km (4.3 miles) from Fur Harbour. Fur has excellent bathing beaches, so we recommend bringing your swimwear on your fishing trip.

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