Aarø: Green and lush – with tasty island steaks, fish right off the fishing cutters and local beer and wine.
Aarø is one of those islands that people usually just pass close by when sailing through the Little Belt. But it is a lovely island, so we dearly recommend making a stop.

The well-protected harbour, which has room for 78 visiting vessels, is teeming with life. The tourist boat Helene and the ferry from Aarøsund shuttle back and forth. Fishing cutters puff their way into the harbour, and you can purchase fish over the gunwale. Enjoy the beautiful blue cutters and trawls, they are a rare sight in Danish harbours these days.

The harbour kiosk is located at the harbour; here you can get an easy meal, including pan-fried fish. Don’t forget to order breakfast rolls. Both the harbour kiosk and the campsite sell groceries.

Island-fresh delicacies

There are many ways to get hold of fish. Catch them yourselves, buy them off one of the local fishing cutters or buy them as delicacies smoked over grape vines at the island’s smokehouse.

In the fields you can see grazing black Galloway cattle, exquisite beef cattle, whose meat can be purchased locally at the island’s eateries and farm stores – alongside a range of other island products.

Bulladen – “the Bole Barn” – is right by Brummers Gaard – “Brummer’s Farm”. It is a piece of Danish cultural heritage from the 17th century.

The farms Brummers Gaard and Aarø Gaard have cafés where you can taste the island specialty foods.

A special treat is the local high-quality wine served at Aarø vineyard – here you can join a guided tour or hear a talk on wine. The local beer is brewed at Aarø Bryg – “Aarø Brewery”. The brewery also offers you a chance to taste their goods – perhaps with tapas on the side?


Put on your hiking boots or jump onto a bicycle, the island is perfect for long trips along the beach and on roads and paths. Enjoy the scenery around you with nice beaches and tidal meadows with grazing cattle and lots of bird life. Find a brochure showing the island’s paths at the harbour master’s office.

A fascinating excursion is the trip along Sandodden – “the Sand Point” – on the east side of the island. Here you will find the Araø Kalv bird sanctuary (no entry from 1st March to 15th July). Aarø Lighthouse is right by the harbour – a beautiful structure built in 1905. Årø Julekirke – “Årø Christmas Church” – is also worth a visit.

Mostly for children

The harbour also has its own playground and a popular crab track where the day’s crab catch can race each other back into the water. Right by the harbour is a lovely sandy beach with a wooden shelter and bathing jetty.

The island also has a large natural playground, located a brisk walk from the harbour, right across from the vineyard, Årø Vingård. In the forest by the playground are landscaped paths, inviting you to go on “jungle exploration” – you may even encounter wild animals. The island’s park golf course also offers entertainment for young and old.


at Aarø Havn
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near the harbor

Aarø's Perle

Aarø 2
6100 Haderslev

Cafe Aarøgaard

Aarø 144E
6100 Haderslev

Årø Vingård - Café og Butik

Aarø 210
6100 Haderslev

Årø Fiskerøgeri

Aarø 258 st
6100 Haderslev


near Aarø Havn


near Aarø Havn

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near Aarø Havn

Aarø Havn

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Assens Havn

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