Drejø: World-class island idyll

The island is located the exact same distance from the islands Ærø, Funen and Tåsinge, which has made some people describe it as “located in the centre of the world”. The village of Drejø is curiously twisty and very idyllic with half-timbered houses and farms. The village is surrounded by green hills, cattle in the fields, twisting narrow roads, swallows, larks and a deep peace and quiet.

Cute little marina

Drejø Old Harbour is located right by the village and is in a league of its own when it comes to its cosy atmosphere. Even though on paper there are only 10-15 visitors’ berths, as many as 20-25 boats may sneak in on a nice summer evening. Everyone gives a helping hand, so even latecomers find a berth.

Note: Check the marina’s Facebook page for current channel depth, as it may be as low as 1.3 metres (4.25 ft).

You will find nice amenities at the marina, including a common room for yachtsmen and drinks for purchase. There is also a campsite for visiting yachtsmen.

Children are welcome

Drejø is famous for its nice bathing beaches, in particular Bækskilde Beach with nice white sand, a bathing jetty and waters of a child-friendly depth.

At the marina, you will find great conditions for crab hunting and fishing. There is an ice-cream stand, Kræmmerhuset – “the Ice Cream Cone” – which sells ice cream and jumble-sale items.

Grocery store and inn

The island’s well-stocked grocery store is located close to the harbour – and you may borrow a carrier bike for your shopping trip.

Don’t forget to order breakfast rolls for your morning on the island. At the inn you can get coffee, delicious cakes and takeout food – and there is a second eatery at the harbour, Spiseladen – “The Eatery Barn”.

If you wish to taste some of the local produce, seek out the farm shops with fresh island produce, including meat from lambs and cattle that have spent their lives enjoying the view from Drejø’s green hills.

View across the Archipelago

If you are in luck, you may encounter the rare white does. Enjoy the extensive tidal meadows – a paradise for bird lovers.

A particularly scenic experience awaits if you bike or hike all the way along Drejet – “the Turn” – a long isthmus with water on both sides. All the way out there – in the middle of the Archipelago – the path ends sharply at Klinten – “the Cliff” – at a height of 17 metres (56 ft.). Here you can enjoy what might be the best view in the Archipelago. To the south, you can see Ærø, and to the northwest you can catch a glimpse of Avernakø and Funen to the north; the rest is glittering sea.

Don’t miss the hike along the water’s edge around Klinten – the chances of finding a sea urchin fossil to bring home are very good.

Take a look inside the island’s church, built in 1535 – a year before the Reformation. It is counted as the first Protestant church in Denmark.


at Drejø GL. Havn
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near the harbor

Drejø Kro

Vigsvej 1
5700 Svendborg


near Drejø GL. Havn


near Drejø GL. Havn

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near Drejø GL. Havn

Drejø GL. Havn

Drejø Havn

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