Experience Limfjorden
a unique water

In 2010 the Limfjord was elected "Best European water" by readers of the German sailing magazine "Segeln". The Limfjord is characterized by changing water and the varied landscape. It runs through the Northern part of Jutland and as indicated in the heading, is worth a visit. Westwards you find the waters between Thy and the island Mors and further westwards is the Thyborøn channel leading to the North Sea. 

By the Limfjord you are something special. Not just as a tourist, but as a guest. By the Limfjord you experience the entire body. Quiet, easy and close up. There is room for taking a break. 

Experience the Limfjord and give in to the fantastic nature and quiet of the Limfjord Land. Go for a hike,  a seal safari, or enjoy one of the many harbours, where you can get unique stories. 

You can also experience one of the greatest regattas of the North,"Limfjorden Rundt", involving old vessels or copies of vessels related to Denmark. The regatta offers 6 days of sailing and getting together in Denmark's most beautiful water - the Limfjord. 

Find inspiration for experiences around the Limfjord and all of its harbours.


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