An evening at Nekselø is an experience to remember. The sun sets behind the hills, the seagulls cry out in the distance. Stay in the marina – or anchor at one of the two DS-marked anchor buoys in the bay, and you will know why you got yourself a boat!

If you arrive from the north and enter the marina, make sure to keep your distance from the island until you are abreast of the marina. There is a rock there – Stenmanden (“the Rock Man”) – that a lot of yachtsmen have ’landed on’ over the years.

In fair weather, there is room for a couple of boats on the outside of the small jetty. If the wind is easterly, the sea may be choppy, and the Sejerø Ferry may cause quite a bit of swell.

Inside the jetty you will find better shelter and room for three to four boats.

Harbour fees are collected at the jetty or paid into the mailbox at the small building on the jetty.

Children’s beach and crab hunting

There is a harbour house on the jetty – construction funded by RDP funds. Here you will find a platform with a barbecue and a chance for a proper swim in fairly deep waters. At the marina – on both sides of the jetty – you will find the most excellent child-friendly beaches – and the marina is an excellent spot for crab fishing.

To be explored in hiking boots

There are no food or drinks to be purchased on the island. Instead, you will find natural beauty – and a peace and quiet that you will feel deep in your soul. Fill up your thermos, pack a lunch and pull on your hiking boots; the island’s gravel roads and hiking paths await.

Marked routes through gorgeous scenery

There are two marked routes, whose paths twist and turn through the island’s enchanting and varied scenery.

The northern part of the island offers soft green hills and the occasional pond. On the west side, you will find steep grassy cliffs. The extraordinary climate provides enough warmth for a number of plants that are otherwise only seen by the Mediterranean Sea. On the east side, the path brings you through a deep, untouched forest.

Guuu Guuu … fire-bellied toads

The island is famous for its fire-bellied toads. From May to August you can hear the toads’ characteristic deep singing over the island’s two big lakes, one at the north end and one towards the southern tip. Towards sunset, the toads’ guu guuu is particularly loud, making the summer air tremble.

Record in crooked cows – and a pretty cute church

Nekselø must be holding the unofficial world record in crooked cows. They stand almost vertically up the cliffsides.  

Even though there are bulls among them, it is safe to go inside the enclosures – they are busy enjoying the view. The trip to the southern part of the island brings you to the pretty little church that was inaugurated in 1931, and where services are still held.


at Nekselø Havn
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near Nekselø Havn


near Nekselø Havn

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