Welcome to Klintholm Harbor

Klintholm Harbor is located right on the route between Germany, Sweden, Bornholm, Zealand, Falster, and Lolland.

The entrance to Klintholm Harbor is located in the SW direction, and once the two lighthouses are passed, the marina is on the port side. The harbor has updated facilities and a high level of service. The harbor is a true tourist port, with over 10,000 guest sailors visiting annually, as well as many pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

Several good restaurants and cafes can be found in the harbor. When you visit Klintholm Harbor, make sure not to miss a visit to "Klap Hesten," where there is often live music and an authentic good atmosphere. You will find more information about attractions and dining options below.

Klintholm Harbor is a great starting point if you want to visit some of Denmark's wildest nature on East Møn. Møns Klint with the Geocenter is only 7 km from the harbor. If you find it too far to walk, it is possible to take the bus, which runs once an hour.

If you're into watersports and blue adventures, then Klintholm Harbor is a hotspot. At Møn Surf, you can rent equipment and receive instruction and guidance to safely venture out onto the water. If you're experienced in watersports, just head towards the blue adventures waiting just outside the harbor.

There are also good bus connections to Stege with its many exciting specialty shops, as well as the island's numerous attractions.

Møn UNESCO Biosphere

Møn and the surrounding islands and water areas have been designated as Denmark's first and only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The UNESCO designation celebrates and recognizes that we have some of the world's most fantastic nature and a rich cultural heritage, where we locally make significant efforts to develop society in harmony with nature.

Dark Sky Møn & Nyord

It is exceptionally dark on Møn. On late summer nights, you can see the Milky Way as a broad milky-white band of light stretching across the sky and disappearing behind the horizon of the Baltic Sea. The unique darkness on Møn and Nyord has been designated by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) as the first Dark Sky Park and Dark Sky Community in the Nordic region.

New discount scheme

Your 3rd night is free after 2 consecutive nights in one of the municipality's other harbors. The 2 nights do not have to be in the same harbor; you can spend one night in one harbor and the next night in another harbor. Permanent moorers visiting another of the municipality's harbors receive up to 2 consecutive nights free of charge. Both discount schemes apply all year round.

Watch harbor video with aerial footage

Before arrival, you can enjoy the video that provides a good overview of the harbor, surroundings, and facilities.



at Klintholm Havn
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near the harbor


Klintholm Havneby 24
4791 Borre

Restaurant Klintholm

Thyravej 25
4791 Borre

Grab & Go Klintholm

Thyravej 14
4791 Borre


Thyravej 10
4791 Borre

Klintholm Mad & Marked

Thyravej 6A
4791 Borre

ND 176 Søstrene

Dortheavej 12
4791 Borre


near Klintholm Havn


near Klintholm Havn

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