Vikingefortælling fra Juelsminde - i vikingernes fodspor
Viking Tales

Viking Tales - Juelsminde in the foot steps of the vikings

Leaving the kings in Vejle Fjord, and sailing north, you will pass Hedensted municipality, a highly populated area during the Viking age.

Docking at the beautiful small harbor at Juelsminde you will find a great chance to explore the remains of the old Viking society. Try following the bank of Bjerrelide and discover the Viking Thing, an assembly-place where the tribes of Hedensted met to discuss important decisions in times of both war and peace.

True Democracy
Many call the Scandinavian Things, the birthplace of real democracy, since here, both women and men, farmers and warriors, kings and beggars, could speak freely and have a voice in their own society.

From boys to men
And just south of Juelsminde you will also find the scenic little isthmus named “The Bears Knot” (Bjørnsknude). During the Viking age, young boys would come here to hunt for the many bears that lived in the forest.

Armed with only a spear, the young warriors would have to hunt, and kill a large bear, in order to transform from boys to men. A rite of passage that ended, with the young warriors drinking the warm steaming blood, from the bear’s heart, transforming them into fearless Berserkers on the battlefield.

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