Vikingefortælling fra Aarhus Syd
Viking Tales

Viking Tales - Aarhus South

Entering the bay of Aarhus, you find yourself in the epic center of the Viking war machine.

No other place in Scandinavia, will you find a higher concentration of Viking navy bases and all through the Viking age, this is the place where the kings and chieftains of Denmark, gathered their royal dragon fleets. It’s from this bay, that the major Viking-invasions of England and France have taken their starting point and it’s also from this bay that the very last Danish Viking-raid sails out towards York, in the year 1069 AD.

Shields have been broken and blood-red spears splintered in the waters around the Viking-fortress of Aros, but docking at Marselisborg harbor you’ll find yourself right in the middle of one of the most famous battles of the Viking age, the battle between Svein Forkbeard and his father Harald Bluetooth.

Harald Bluetooth converted to the new christian faith, in order to gain peace from the German emperors and their crusades, but that resulted in civil war with his own son, Svein Forkbeard, who defended the Norse Gods. Father and son each led their own dragon fleet and they met in battle, in front of the walls of Aros. A bloody battle commenced.

Arrows flew like hailstorms and shieldwalls was broken by ferocious axe-wielding Berserkers, as the dragonships locked heads, and above the masts of the two Viking-fleets, flew the Valkyries of Odin, prepared to bring the dead to the gates of Valhalla.

The battle lasted for several days without any decisive victory to any of them, but one night, as Harald Bluetooth went to the bushes to relieve himself of his dinner meal, one of Sveins spies, called Palnatoke, crept up close to the king, and fired an arrow straight into the ass of the famous Viking king.

Harald fell mortally wounded to the ground and died shortly after, and that’s how Svein Forkbeard became the new king of Denmark and the most famous Viking-raider of all time.

Billede: Iga Kuriata

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