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Viking Tales - Endelave

Let your keel bite into the waves as you sail towards the small island Endelave.

You are sailing where mighty chiefs and warriors sailed out on raids and long expeditions back in the olden times. Once you have berthed in the idyllic harbour on the island, you can start out your own expedition by locating the rock carvings at Bremå, where pagan rituals were performed in the Bronze Age in the honour of the Sun Goddess.

Then let your trip take you to «Snekkebjerg», whose name refers to a Viking naval base at the foot of the hill. From this point, Denmark’s Viking kings controlled the area, which connected the Aarhus Bay with the island Funen and the Little Belt strait, and immense dragon fleets reigned over the waters around the island.

At «Øvre», a mighty Viking family lies entombed in an enormous stone ship grave, whose purpose was to sail the dead to the golden gates of Asgard. Both women and men are entombed in the ship of death, but according to the legend, it was built for the young king’s son, Endelau, after he had sailed into battle against an overwhelming power in order to defend his father, the famous king Hjarne (see Hjarnø).

Endelave is a small paradise, located in the centre of the waters of the Vikings.

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