Vikingefortællinger - Hou
Viking Tales

Viking Tales - Hou

Oh the birds of Odin will follow your ship as you get ready to dock at the ancient harbor of Hou.

Ashore, you must explore “The forest of the ravens” (Ravneskoven), a symbol that held great value to Vikings. Odins two ravens Hugin and Munin, became the very symbol of Odin himself, and the Danish kings concurred much of Northern Europe under their famous banner called the “Ravenbanner”.

Today Ravneskoven is among the few places, in Denmark, where Ravens still nest, so if you are lucky you can find the nest of Odins messengers at Hou.

Sailing north, along the coastline, you will soon pass by “The spring of the shinning swords” (Saksild bay). Here, the Viking armies would sacrifice swords and knives in the holy springs, in order to gain the favor of the Norse gods, before going to war. 

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