Viking Tales

Viking Tales - along Horsens Fjord and Hjarnø

Oh, the ancients heroes dwell on the banks of Horsens Fjord.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see burialmounts of ancient kings and chieftains, but it is at the entrance to the Fjord, that you´ll find one of Denmark’s most amazing Viking tales, the legend of King Hjarne and the ghost fleet.

At the funeral pire, of the legendary king Frode, his sons were absent and so there were none to sing the deathsong for the king. His favorite warrior Hjarne stepped up, and sang so beautiful a song, that the Juts elected him king, and so Hjarne took the power, and soon after married the fierce shielmaiden Alrune.

Alrune sat on the island of Alrø, while Hjarne sat on the island of Hjarnø, and when their son was born, they named him Endelau, and gave him the island of Endelave.

Soon dark clouds gathered over the Hjarne-clan. The sons of King Frode returned from raiding abroad, and swore revenge on Hjarne for stealing the crown, and they attacked him with a mighty dragon fleet. Hjarne gathered all his warriors and ships, and from Alrø came his wife Alrune with her ships and men, to join him in the seabattle, even the young Endelau, came with his ships and young crew, but little did it help!

In a storm of iron and blood, king Hjarne, queen Alrune and prince Endelau all died alongside their entire army. They were all buried on Hjarnø and today you can still go ashore, and find the last of the deathships, made of stone, that is said to hold the fallen warriors of king Hjarne.

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Photo: Iga Kuriata

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