Vikingefortælling fra Ebeltoft Vig
Viking Tales

Viking Tales - Ebeltoft Vig

Guiding your keel in through the clear, shallow waters of Ebeltoft Vig, you find yourself sailing in the wake of Gods and Viking dragon fleets.

In Old Danish, Ebeltoft means “the fenced land of apples” and the apple was at the center of Viking religion. The Goddess Ydun was god of eternal life, and each day she fed the Gods of Asgaard, with her golden apples, which stopped their aging. Ydun’s beauty made everyone fall madly in love with her, Gods and Jotuns alike, but Ydun only loved Odins son, Brage, and he was the only one, she would let know, where she picked her golden apples.

Yduns magic apple-garden is forever a mystery, but an old local legend states that, whenever Ydun wandered the earth, she would pick her apples in the hills of Ebeltoft, and that’s how it got its name.

Docking at Ebeltoft, you will soon discover one of Denmark’s most romantic coastal cities, which still carries the legacy of Ydun. Many visitors come here each year to visit the city’s many fruit and apple gardens, and Ebeltoft even have its very own apple-brand, which is celebrated each summer with a festival.

Explore and taste Ebeltoft, and maybe it will be you, who finds Yduns magic apples. The city of Ebeltoft is surrounded by Viking history. Once you filled your stomach with Yduns apples, you can explore the area, and find Dragsmur, a secret Viking naval base.

Dragsmur was a part of the outer defence-system of the royal fortress of Aros, and here dragonships lay ready, while Viking guard posts stood on the hill-towers, scouting the Kattegat for enemies.

Today you can still find the hills of the Viking guard towers, and standing on their top, it’s easy to imagine the mighty dragon fleets of the jelling-kings entering Ebeltoft Vig. 



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