Tåsinge Grund (Tåsinge Shoal)

It is not the best place for keelboats, but if you manage to stay clear of Tåsinge Grund, it is possible to sail westwards on one. You just have to keep your distance to the northern coast of Strynø and make for the northern point of the small island of Vogterholm, before shaping your course westwards in between Hjortø and Birkholm.

In the summertime, Tåsinge Grund can only be navigated by smaller boats and barges from Stjovl on Tåsinge to fish or sight-see. Other visitors to the shoal are kayakers who row out into the Archipelago in small groups. In 1996, the area between Tåsinge, Strynø and Birkholm became a bird protection area under the Ramsar Convention, making all hunting and wind surfing prohibited. Late in the summer, thousands of mute swans gather here to moult their flight feathers.

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