Søby Havn, (Søby Harbour)

After having sailed just under five nautical miles along the coast of Ærø from Revkrog or Urehoved, you will reach the harbour of Søby, a city that is characterised by its fishing, its ferry and its shipyard. The harbour faces north, and the first thing you notice from the sea is the silo by the harbour, and then the ships under repair at the shipyard. It is one of the largest remaining shipyards in Denmark, and its docks and cranes dominate the northern part of the harbour, whereas the southern part is reserved for fishing vessels and the ferry.

Pleasure crafts must put into the new harbour east of the ferry port. The service between Søby and Faaborg has been in operation for a long time, while the service between Søby and Fynshav on Als has been added more recently. Actually, the ferry service to Als was in place prior to the year of 1864, but it was closed down because of the war with Germany and the subsequent loss of Southern Jylland. Søby is the largest fishing port on Ærø. Over a number of years, a number of trawlers from Søby fished all over Denmark. Today, however, the port is dominated by small dinghies using fishing nets. 

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