Revkrogen og Korshavn

Revkrogen (55° 00.483´N 010° 20.970´E) is a safe natural harbour located in the eastern part of Avernakø, sheltering from southern, western and north-western winds. Even at the beach, the water is fairly deep. At the northern end of Revkrogen, you will find a small private harbour, which belongs to a mansion popularly known as “Mærsk-Møller’s house”, which is used as a summer residence by a branch of the famous shipping family. The house was originally built to be a summer hotel – and it did serve as that in the early 20th century.

When sailing from Revkrogen, following the northern coast of Avernakø, you will eventually reach Korshavn. Avernakø consists of two adjoining islands. Previously, the islands were connected only by an isthmus, which in stormy weather was extremely dangerous to traverse. The current road has stone kerbs and was established in 1937.

Korshavn (55° 00,819´N 010° 19,010´E) is a calm harbour and a great place to moor for the night. Berths are present on both sides of the jetty, which is well protected from even the strongest winds. The small harbour has fewer facilities than some of the large marinas, however, there is a toilet, running water and electricity. For some, the lack of facilities constitutes a problem, but for others, it is a great relief. Since the water depth in the largest berths does not exceed two metres, there is a limit to the size of vessels able to berth here. So, if you are looking for peace and quiet and a safe place for small children to swim and catch crabs, Korshavn is definitely the place to be.

In Avernakø’s other end, towards the west, you will find Avernakø Bådehavn (Avernakø Marina, 55° 02,414´N 010° 15,487´E), which was recently extended to provide more berths and all the facilities of a modern marina. For very good reasons, the harbour is popular in the peak season.


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