Knold, Drejet and Sinebjerg

Going back to the early 20th century, the coast between Bøjden and Knold near Dyreborg has always been about summer holidays and leisure activities. Naturally, the oldest of the holiday cottages are located on rented land almost at the water’s edge at the very best beaches. The more recent summerhouse developments are located further inland because of legislation concerning protection of the coastal nature.  In The South Fyn Archipelago, there are several similar areas from about the same period of time. Worth a visit in particular are the beach huts near Ærøskøbing towards Revkrogen (55° 00.417’ N 010° 20.822’ E) and the ones in Marstal on Eriks Hale (Erik’s Tail) south of the marina.

The first three or four beach huts – or summer cottages, if you will – that appear southwest of Knold when sailing westwards, are sheltered by the low cliff. One of them is particularly special, since it has been built on stilts, most likely due to the waves and high tide. An almost unbroken row of houses on Drejet follows next. Most of these houses were built in the mid-1930s on rented land. Today, the legal restrictions on the houses’ exterior and extensions are much stricter than it was back then, therefore allowing the area to maintain its original and distinctive character. Current Danish legislation ensures that modest beach huts are located where you would never be able to get permission to build anything new.

The beach huts were originally built by the Faaborg bourgeoisie who wanted to get away from the city to enjoy the sun and the beach. They rented the land from the local landowners. On some of the plots, a proper hut was never constructed; for some, a windbreak was enough to get the privacy they required.

If you follow the coast further westwards, you will arrive at yet another collection of beach huts located on the beach ridge with direct access to the water. This area is called Sinebjerg (55° 04.655’ N 010° 10.664’ E), originally consisting of a few fishing cottages from the 19th century.

The life in the two beach communities was quite posh and not that different from what happens when the elite of today goes on vacation.

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