Outings in the forests Teglstrup Hegn and Hellebæk Skov

Teglstrup Hegn and Hellebæk Skov are Natura 2000-areas. These are places with unique plants and animals that have been designated by the EU as particularly important to preserve. The area offers hiking trails, mountain-bike trails, running trails and birdwatching shelters – we are sure to have something that you will enjoy, too!

Mountain-bike riders can enjoy the area’s ”blue route”, a 14.6 km mountain-bike trail of varying difficulty. It runs through the northern and southern parts of Teglstrup Hegn and offers a mix of single track and forest roads. A lot has been built on the trail, so you will be riding on drops, berms, small rock gardens and a small table top along the way. The area is a bit more hilly than other North Zealand forests, so it offers a lot of fun! The trail starts at the parking lot at Esrumvej 251, DK-3000 Helsingør, and you can also enjoy it during a run if you prefer to experience the forest on foot. The forest also offers a multitude of other hiking and running trails that you can combine to bring you through Teglstrup Hegn, Hellebæk Kohave and Hellebæk Skov.

The area offers something very special for birdwatchers. At the lake Pernille Sø there is a birdwatching shelter where you can watch the birds that breed in the area. From the shelter, you can experience birds of prey, greylag geese, common buzzards and nightingales when they fly around the area, and during spring and autumn, huge migratory flights pass by – an experience that is definitely worth a visit! If you want to experience something out of the ordinary, come visit in March and October when the huge flights of common cranes pass by. In the spring of 2013, 4136 common cranes heading to Sweden were seen. An amazing experience!

If you want your outing to include culture-historical experiences, you can explore the area’s industrial heritage. The name “Teglstrup” itself refers to the brick manufacturing that has been taking place throughout history in the area around Helsingør (tegl is the Danish word for brick or tile), and a historical hammer mill, built in 1765, can also be found in the area. Pistol and rifle barrels were manufactured at the hammer mill up until 1870. Today, the mill has been restored and houses a museum, café and restaurant.

ee a list of the area’s many offerings here (website in Danish).

Source: Naturstyrelsen and sporguide.dk
Picture: VisitDenmark / Niclas Jessen
Coordinates: 56.051710, 12.553811

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