Glenten Motions- og Legerum – Outdoor exercise and playroom

The centre of the facility is a large nature playground for the children, surrounded by 12 pieces of exercise equipment for grownups. This gives you plenty of opportunity for the children to let loose while the adults exercise. In addition, the facility has an absolutely stunning view over the forest from Lysthusbakken hill where Glenten Motions- og Legerum is located.

The 12 pieces of exercise equipment are connected by a balance beam, and a circuit of the equipment allows for exercise of all major muscle groups as well as balance, coordination and physical fitness. The theme of the exercise and playroom is ”Danish animals and insects”, providing nature interpretation along with exercise for young and old.

Only 350 meters south of the exercise area in the northern part of Knurrenborg Vang is a large campground with places for a bonfire and a barbecue, a composting toilet, table and benches beside a log house functioning as a shelter for overnight stays. 100 metres from the main campground is a smaller shelter. In total, 8 people can sleep at the campsite, but the site can also be used for a nice picnic with family and friends – or a well-deserved lunch in the open, once the day’s exercise has been completed in Glenten Motions- og Legerum.

Glenten Motions- og Legerum is located in Knurrenborg Vang, a small forest of around 109 hectares with a fine web of trails and roads where you can take a run or a bike ride before you engage with the exercise equipment.

Despite the suffix ”-borg” – meaning ”castle” – the area has probably never boasted a castle. Rather, the term has probably been used ironically to denote a small, shabby cabin in the area. ”Knurre” may refer to something knotty or a gnarled tree, but it probably refers to grumpiness among the poor inhabitants of the houses in the area, as ”knurre” can also mean ”growl”. Whatever the meaning, the name is old: It was used for the first time in the year 1613.

Almost 200 years later, in 1805, Knurrenborg Vang was established as a forest area – before then, it was used for grazing and harvesting wood, which took a toll on the forest. Now, 200 years further on, numerous people doing exercise on foot, biking or on horseback are happily enjoying the forest’s beautiful surroundings as the setting for their leisure activities every week.

Read more about Knurrenborg Vang here (website in Danish), or read more about Glenten Motions- og Legerum at the municipality Fredensborg Kommune’s website (in Danish).

Source: Fredensborg Kommune and Naturstyrelsen.
Picture: VisitDenmark / Niclas Jessen
Coordinates:  latitude: 55.961060, longitude: 12.429662



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