Hatbakker på Langeland - israndsstrøg

Hat Hills (Dislocated Kames) on Langeland

In the low moraine landscape of Langeland, there are more than 1,000 individual rounded hills – all different sizes but mostly reaching 10-20 metres in height. The dislocated kames are gravel hills located in several parallel rows. The ice pressure from the south/south-east has pushed the drifts into a sloping position.


The “hat hills” got their name from a female geologist who wore a bell-shaped hat of the kind that was fashionable in the 1920s. You can find particularly impressive “hat hills” at Nordenbro and Næbbeskov.

The parallel rows of individual hat-shaped hills run slightly off the general north-south direction of Langeland, and a prominent belt of hills appears along the coastal landscape near Spodsbjerg. Here, the small projecting cliffs alternate with low marine foreland. Moreover, this area is close to the 0-isobase. The hills on Langeland, and their continuation into Storebælt (The Great Belt Strait) up to Korsør on Sjælland, is a unique phenomenon within Denmark.



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