Kiss the Frog

“Kiss the frog and get closer to nature” are a series of experience centres in The South Fyn Archipelago. There is no guarantee of a prince emerging, but you could find a treasure and learn some witchcraft.

“Kiss the Frog” is a new concept for family-oriented attractions in Denmark and promises lots of fun and educational activities for families with small children. In The South Fyn Archipelago, you will find three “Kiss the Frog” centres:

  1. Skovsgaard on Langeland
  2. Søbygaard on Ærø
  3. Trente Mølle north of Faaborg

Further information about “Kiss the Frog”:

With its “Tadpole Exhibit”, Egebjerg Mølle Naturrum (Egebjerg Mill Nature Experience Centre) offers similar activities in its surroundings.

Further information about Egebjerg Mølle Naturrum

Andre Nature experiences

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