Danish Small Islands
- set course for the Danish island harbours

Sailing to the small Danish islands – in Danish, “Småøerne” – is something to remember

You will feel a special calm descend on board when your boat approaches your new island destination: Out there on the horizon, new land awaits, ready to be explored, and a sense of curiosity and happy excitement will spread on the boat.

The islands offer a multitude of possibilities and experiences. Especially in summer, a sail to the islands can be a much-needed breathing space. Here you will feel a deep sense of having plenty of time, of being in the moment and experiencing island life and magnificent nature experiences. You can explore the islands’ distinctive features and find neat little island attractions.

An impressive stream of nature experiences and cosy island communities await you

On this page, you will find inspiration and tips for a yachting vacation with island experiences beyond compare. We have assembled a yachtsman’s universe with 25 Danish islands– each with its own special characteristics, and each with a description of what you can experience on the island. You will find inspiration for island-hop routes that will let you visit several of the islands on your yachting vacation, and which provides you with useful route descriptions to bring on board.

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Agersø’s population keeps growing

Agersø held the fort during the Gunboat War 1808-1814

The flood of 1872 changed Birkholm

Fresh fish at Aarø

When Aarø was the northernmost German island

The naval vessel MS1 found its safe haven in Agersø Marina

Fur is full of skeletons and volcanic ash

Find the fish on Fur

White bread sealed the baker’s fate

Norwegian lobster ad libitum on Anholt

Treasure in the sand

Taste Anholt

Experience Fur with a fishing rod

Venø has Denmark’s smallest church

Venøsund is Denmark's smallest active car ferry

The school on Venø has 100 pupils

Hjortø’s family ties go back 500 years

Prizewinning community on Omø

Migratory birds take a rest on Omø

When Strynø put out to sea

The cattle on Hjortø

Paddling to Hjelmshoved

Family favourites on Orø

The Orø Cross reveals a piece of Danish history

Mountain landscapes in the middle of Denmark

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