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The school on Venø has 100 pupils

What is an island to do when the number of children decreases and the school is about to be closed? On Venø, they had no doubt. About 25 years ago, the islanders established Venø Efterskole, a boarding school for lower secondary students, and filled the timetable with everything the island has to offer to young people: Surfing and sailing, outdoor life, arts and writing.

Venø Efterskole is not just a temporary visitor to the island but has become a part of everyday life on the small island in the Limfjord. The 100 pupils at the school give life to Venø all year round and are part of the everyday life there along with the island’s around 160 residents. And both pupils and islanders value that very much.

Every year at the start of the school term, the Venø residents come to the school for coffee in order to welcome all the new pupils. Throughout the year, there are several joint activities, and the islanders are invited whenever there is a special event at the school.

At the harbour, you cannot miss the signs that the island is used actively for surfing and sailing. Venø Efterskole’s maritime line is popular, and with 40 water-happy pupils, it is the largest of the school’s four lines. There is no other place in Denmark where young people who are fond of sailing can go to school as close to the water as on Venø.

Venø Efterskole is located 15 minutes’ walk from the harbour.

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Photo and Source: Venø Efterskole.

Venø Harbor.


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