Welcome to Aabenraa Baad Club A.m.b.A


Arrival from the sea side

Aabenraa Baad Club is one of two marinas located at the bottom of the beautiful Aabenraa Fjord, where you can enjoy the steep wooded hills on both sides of the fjord as you approach the town from the sea.

Aabenraa is located at the south-western end of the Little Belt, with the Løjt Land peninsula to the north and the city to the west. In the south-east, the fjord is bordered by the peninsula Varnæs Hoved, which also marks the entrance to Alssund. Aabenraa Fjord is 10 km long and 3-4 km wide with a depth of up to 45 metres. The water depth is around 3m throughout the harbour.

The sailing conditions to Aabenraa are very good and the harbour can be navigated 24 hours a day all year round. There is no noticeable tidal difference and there is almost always calm water where the boats are well protected. In strong north-easterly/easterly winds, high tides of up to 1.5 metres can occur. Strong south-westerly winds can cause low tides of up to 1 metre.

The harbour's facilities

Both Danish and foreign sailors can enjoy a modern and well-functioning marina (an A harbour), where there is access to a newer toilet/bathroom, washing machine, tumble dryer, barbecue areas, playground, mast crane and environmental station (access to emptying facilities).

All bridges have drinking water, 220 volt CEE plugs, with the option of an electrical connection of up to 10 amps.

The port is a member of the Free Port Scheme with favourable prices for accommodation.

Guest sailors may use the moorings marked with green signs. However, according to the harbour master's instructions.

Access to beach and town

Just south of the marina is a lovely child-friendly sandy beach with a jetty and playground. The town centre with its cosy atmosphere and small shops and restaurants is also within walking distance of the marina.

Aabenraa is one of Denmark's oldest seafaring towns, and in many parts of the town you can find evidence of its exciting past as a trading town in the heyday of sailing ships. These include the old medieval town centre, the Aabenraa Maritime Museum and the art museum Brundlund Castle.

Welcome to Aabenraa!
Lars / Harbour Master Aabenraa Boating Club


at Aabenraa Baad Club A.m.b.A.
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near the harbor

Kræs og Krusninger

Kystvej 55
6200 Aabenraa

Circle K Danmark Butik

Skibbroen 24
6200 Aabenraa

Beach Pit

Sønderport 69
6200 Aabenraa

Napoli Pizza

Søndergade 11C st
6200 Aabenraa

Restaurant Bloom

Storetorv 9
6200 Aabenraa

MIR Restaurant

Vestergade 1A st
6200 Aabenraa

Sushi Room Aabenraa

Vestergade 3A
6200 Aabenraa

Under Sejlet - Iscaféen

Flensborgvej 15A
6200 Aabenraa


near Aabenraa Baad Club A.m.b.A.


near Aabenraa Baad Club A.m.b.A.

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near Aabenraa Baad Club A.m.b.A.

Aabenraa Baad Club A.m.b.A.

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