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Johannes Larsen Museum

The museum forms an exciting historical building environment with the artist's home in the center and new exhibition buildings of high architectural quality.

Johannes Larsen is the most prominent member of the group of Fynbo painters. The "Fynbos" largely had their starting point in Kerteminde - "the prettiest little town in the world", as Johannes Larsen expressed it about the town of his childhood.

The painting couples Alhed and Johannes Larsen, Anna and Fritz Syberg and periodically also Christine and Sigurd Swane lived here. Together, they formed an artists' colony that, like a magnet, drew many other visual artists and writers to the city. And the magnetism still works, as anyone can convince themselves of by a visit to the museum, which draws the lines of the area's artistic life right up to the present day.

Visiting the artist couple's home

The artist's home is the core of the museum, and a down-to-earth art, tied to the sensory impressions and the beauty of everyday life, has formed the fertile ground for this place, which in itself can be perceived as one large painting.

The villa on Møllebakken was built by the newly married artist couple in the early years of the 20th century. Of the two painters, it was Johannes who ran with the fame, but Alhed was also an excellent painter who had floral motifs as his favorite genre. Today, the painter couple's home stands untouched with furniture and other furnishings - and of course lots of art on the walls.

In the living rooms of Alhed and Johannes Larsen, in the early 1900s, a large number of the leading cultural personalities of the time visited - painters, writers, architects and many others benefited from the artist couple's hospitality.

A garden full of charming buildings

In extension of the villa is the "workshop", where Johannes and Alhed each had their own studio, and on the south side of the building there is still the lush winter garden with a multitude of flowers.

In the middle of the large park with its many rare and beautiful trees is the old gazebo that Johannes Larsen used as a wine house. On the edge of the park, with a view over the bay, stand the old wash house and the wooden Swan House, which now houses a café.
The museum also includes the old windmill, the Swan Mill, which was also owned by the painter.

Art - collections and special exhibitions

An elongated modern exhibition building is added beautifully to the old facility. Here you will find the museum's special exhibitions and exhibitions of the museum's permanent collection of works by e.g. Christine Swane and Fritz Syberg,. In total, more than 50 artists are represented in the museum's permanent display in the "Collection" exhibition building from 1990.

In 2001, a new extension was added, namely "Vingen". Here Johannes Larsen shows the Museum's changing exhibitions of old and new art. On the museum's website you can follow current and upcoming exhibitions.

The adventure room

In the museum's exhibition building, one of the rooms is dedicated to children: the Adventure Room. Johannes Larsen's illustrations for the children's stories "Lille Mis" and "The Ugly Duckling" hang here. In addition, there are changing activities on the Guests' Wall that you can have fun with, as long as you have the time and desire.

Opening hours

Visit the Johannes Larsen Museum's website for information on opening hours

Information on access conditions and availability at the museums

Most buildings are disabled-friendly, however there are stairs in the villa and the Pax collection.
The museum has disabled toilets.
The museum has a wheelchair that can be borrowed.


Møllebakken 14
Johannes Larsen Museet
5300 Kerteminde


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