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FORSAVN sculpture was made for it's place on Kongens Skibsbro in Nyborg. Kongens Skibsbro had been calling port for Nyborg through the centuries. 

The sculpture is build by Lars Abrahamsen - hailing from the midst of Fyn.


The sculpture is 5 meter tall, made of aluminium, which can be turned on a circular tier. 

This maritime sculpture is a monument over the sea, sailing and the sailors left out there. 

The monument reminds you of a sinking ship, a giant sail, a compass with a large needle - or maybe something else?


It is a reminder of the 35 sailors who lost their lifes under their heroic efforts against the Germane supremacy. It has four bronze plates, engraved with the name of the 35 sailors. 



Kongens skibsbro
5800 Nyborg

+45 65 30 15 76

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