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Jelse Odde - 4,9 km

Around Jelse Odde by the Limfjord, 4.9 km

During this trip you will find a beautiful view towards Salling and Himmerland. At low tide, you can go one kilometer out at the Limfjord with an opportunity to watch seals.

When you hike on Jelse Odde, it's like experiencing the shores of the Limfjord from the lake side. From the promontory there is a wonderful view over the winding bays and coves of the Limfjord e.g., to the west the Salling coast is with Grønning Øre and Astrup Vig while to the north the large peninsula of Lovns exists.

Back in the Stone Age, Lundø corresponded more compliant to its name, since it is an island in the Limfjord. Later, the land elevated and the sea deposited material, hence the island became landlocked. As a result, most of the peninsula is surrounded by salt marshes.

Lundø is part of a large European bird protection area that entails the whole of Lovns Bredning with adjacent salt meadows. Various common waterfowl breed is in the area, but as well species such as avocets. During the winter period, bigger flocks of swans, ducks and goosanders can be seen.

There are many diverse plants to be see, especially in salt meadows, cherts and in the small coastal lakes. Some of the plants is with high rarity. It is likewise possible to find fossils along Lundø's coasts, especially sea urchins.

In the north part most of the 23 hectare of the flat peninsula were protected in 1965 for e.g., keeping the area free of settlement for summer houses, for preserving its natural values ​​and ensuring public access.

An information board is present at the car park that displays where you can hike, swim and reside. Especially the beaches on the west side of Lundø are child friendly as the water depth increases very little gradually.


P: Lundø Camping (N 56° 38.259', E 9° 8.907')

L: 4.9 km

Marking: Yellow



Jelsevej 201
7840 Højslev

Andre Vandrestier

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