Læsø is the largest island in the Kattegat, situated halfway between Frederikshavn, Denmark, and Gothenburg, Sweden. On your way into Vesterø Harbour, the chalky-white sandy bottom and the azure water reveal that you have arrived at an island paradise for both water and nature lovers. One of the largest and most child-friendly bathing beaches is located on the right side of the harbour – right after the ferry landing. The island covers a total of 118 square kilometres and has around 1,800 inhabitants.

Scampi on the menu
Læsø has a well-established fishing industry that plays a crucial role for employment on the island along with the tourism industry. Scampi fishing is the main driver of the industry. The processing facility Læsø Fiskeindustri is located at Østerby Harbour, while Vesterø is home berth for a handful of fishing vessels, whose red-painted tool houses can be seen along the wharf.

Læsø offers an abundance of gourmet food and delicacies. Try the local honey from European brown bees or the spreadable salami ”Krat’u”. At the harbour in Vesterø, you can also find the VesterØL brewery, successor to the island’s legendary brewery Læsø Bryghus.

Nice harbour facilities
Vesterø Harbour offers its visiting yachtsmen a number of modern facilities. In addition to a service building, you can make use of a kitchen, playground, free Wi-Fi and laundry with washer and drier. There is a vending machine for the payment of harbour fees.

Wi-Fi: Vesteroehavn. Code: 12345678.

Bicycles and electric car
You can rent bikes close to the harbour. Læsø is as flat as a pancake, and distances are manageable. You can also rent an electric car; the service is called ”Rent a el-bil”, and you can pick up the car by the harbour office once you have completed your booking.

There is a bus connection from the harbour and directly to the town Byrum (7 km) and Østerby Harbour (20 km).

Provisioning and refuelling
Around 100 meters from the wharf, you will find a grocery store, ice-cream booth, fishmongers, restaurants and hotels. If you continue on up the main street, you will find a supermarket where you can get petrol. Here, you will also find clothing stores, the tourist office, a timber business and a bakery. If you need gas, you can get this from the camping site around 2 km from the harbour.

Spa in the harbour church
Vesterø Harbour Church has been transformed into the Læsø Kur spa. Spoil yourself and enjoy the spa where everything is based on the island’s special kind of salt as well as clay and sea algae. The church tower has been preserved, and it is an amazing experience to feel the acoustics while you look out across the Kattegat.

Bathing beaches and farmhouse visit
At Sdr. Nyland, around 5 km from the harbour, you will find the bathing beach Stokken, which is an island of itself: A long sand bank that you get to by rolling up your trouser legs and wading, or by using the small rope ferry. The bathing beaches Danzigman, Bløden Hale and Jegens are situated in scenic dune landscapes.

Storhaven – the name means ”The big garden”- is a farm near Byrum where kids can get close to the animals. The farm is home to donkeys, gees, peacocks, bunnies and miniature pigs. Here, you can also enjoy a visit to the candle factory or a taste of the delicious Læsø ice cream. In Byrum, you can look out across the entire island from the Læsøtårnet tower or visit the museum’s shipping and fishing exhibit.

You can also experience an authentic Læsø house with its seaweed roof, ride Icelandic horses or visit the Læsø Saltworks at the salt meadows Rønnerne.


at Vesterø Havn
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near the harbor

Læsøfærgen – Margrete

Havnepladsen 1
9940 Læsø

Læsøfærgen - Ane

Havnepladsen 1
9940 Læsø

Den lille deli

Havnepladsen 2
9940 Læsø

Mortens Fiskehandel

Havnepladsen 3
9940 Læsø


Havnepladsen 5
9940 Læsø


Vesterø Havnegade 5
9940 Læsø

Madbaren Læsø

Vesterø Havnegade 17
9940 Læsø


Lærkevej 6
9940 Læsø


near Vesterø Havn


near Vesterø Havn

Other harbours

near Vesterø Havn

Vesterø Havn

Østerby Havn

Sæby Havn

Hirsholm Havn

Frederikshavn Marina

Voersaa Fiskerleje


Strandby Lystbådehavn

Asaa Lystbådehavn

Hou Lystbådehavn, Nordjylland

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