Gjøl Fishing Harbour and Marina
Gjøl Harbour has a prime location in the middle of the Limfjord and welcomes you to Jammerbugten’s idyllic scenery with its wealth of nature and culture experiences. Gjøl Harbour is characterised by its cosy red houses and is located just a short walk from historical Gjøl village with its atmospheric twisting streets. 

From original fishing harbour to modern harbour amenities
Gjøl Harbour was originally a fishing hamlet, but today it is an atmospheric marina with cosy corners, eateries, playground and modern harbour amenities. Gjøl Harbour is abuzz with maritime activities with its ideal conditions for kayakers and surfers, as well as a lovely bathing beach and bathing jetty west of the harbour. 

Gjøl Harbour is mentioned in holiday rental agency Campaya’s guide to the 17 cosiest marinas in Jutland, see: https://www.campaya.dk/Danmark/Jylland/lystbaadehavne-jylland.a (in Danish)

Children on board
If you travel with children on board, they will love the ”touch basins” containing fish and crabs or the newly renovated playground and crab racing track. You should also check out the Grejhuset (”the tool shed”) in front of the café Natur- og Kulturcaféen, where yachtsmen and other marina guests can borrow binoculars, GPS, fishing tackle, bonfire frying pans and other stuff for exploring the local wilderness on your own.

Great amenities – All Inclusive
Visitors to the harbour are welcome to use the yacht club’s facilities that include kitchen and common room. Showers and electricity are included in the harbour fee. Washing machine and drier are free of charge and may be used upon appointment with the harbour master. Bicycle rentals are free of charge.

The grocery store LokalBrugsen is located around 1 km (0.6 miles) from the marina, and if you need to make bulk purchases, you may borrow the harbour’s red handcarts.
Boating equipment can be acquired at Gjøl Marinecenter, 1 km (0.6 miles) from the harbour.

If you wish to purchase diesel, contact the harbour master at phone +45 4191 1169.

Experiences at the marina
The marina’s newly built café ”Natur- og Kulturcafé på Gjøl Havn” (”Nature and Culture Café at Gjøl Harbour”) tells the story of the landscape around the Limfjord and the maritime culture at Gjøl Harbour. Enjoy a cup of coffee or the traditional Danish ”shooting star” fish fillet open sandwich in the cosy café and experience the incredible view of the fjord with a panoramic view to the east, south and west.

In pride of place at the harbour is the historical inn, Gjøl Kro, famous as the place of residence of Danish author Hans Kirk when he wrote his novel The Fishermen. Gjøl Harbour was the inspiration for the book, published in 1928, and during the shooting of the film adaptation in 1975-77, several scenes were shot at the inn premises. 

Hiking and biking paths. The harbour offers bicycle rentals free of charge, and the scenery around the harbour is an ideal area for hiking or bicycle trips. You can explore the four marked paths, which all have their starting point at Gjøl Harbour. The paths are between 5 and 10 km (3.1-6.2 miles) long and take you past Gjøl Church, the chapel ”Det Brunske Kapel”, Birkumgård manor and the Ulvedybet nature preserve. In the service building, you can get a map to bring on your outing. Also check out Gjøl Bjerg.

Gjøl Bjerg – Designated a local “Thinking point”
The hill Gjøl Bjerg is a moraine sediment consisting of sand, gravel and rocks. Underneath the hill, white chalk layers are located so shallowly that you can see them in places where the hillside has been removed, as a large part of the hill has been dug out and used in the establishment of a dam between Gjøl and another moraine hill, Øland, west of Gjøl.

If you wish to go on longer outings, you can explore the area with local bus no. 600, which has a stop at the harbour. 


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near the harbor

Natur- og Kulturcafé

Gjøl Havn 3
9440 Åbybro


near Gjøl Fiskeri og Lystbådehavn


near Gjøl Fiskeri og Lystbådehavn

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