Do not miss your chance for an exceptional sailing experience in Mariager Fjord. About an hour and a half’s sail into the fjord, by many called the prettiest in Denmark, you will make land in Hadsund Marina. Here you will be encircled by the fjord and idyllic beechwoods. Back in time, Hadsund was a busy commercial harbour, but today, the marina attracts many yachtsmen from far and wide with its ultramodern facilities and scenic surroundings.

At the harbour you will meet our good old-fashioned harbour master, who will answer any question and is ready to offer you helpful tips about things to do nearby. If you wish to explore the area, you will find hiking trails, cycling paths and fishing waters a short distance from the marina.

The Hadsund Bridge
Before you reach the marina in Hadsund, you will pass through the Hadsund Bridge. Call the bridge watch on VHF channel 12 or on the number (+45) 9857 1214, and you will be notified when the bridge will open. Once you have passed the bridge, you will be arriving at Hadsund Marina on your starboard side.

Adventures for the sailing family
The marina is buzzing with life and activity. After a long sailing trip, the children can play on the playground or fish for crabs in the harbour. The playground is located end to end with the marina’s terrace and barbecue area. Take the children on an outing and visit Hadsund Deer Park, where you can meet both deer and goats, just two kilometres (1.3 miles) from the marina. At the deer park, you can enjoy your packed lunch and admire the scenery from a large roofed platform.

Barbecue area and great amenities
The newly-renovated modern clubhouse is open for visiting yachtsmen and offers a well-equipped kitchen. If the weather is nice, we recommend the cosy barbecue area. Here you will find both gas and charcoal grills for general use for our visiting yachtsmen (remember to bring your own charcoal).

Hadsund town centre is located 800 meters (0.5 miles) from the marina. Grab an ice cream along the town’s cosy pedestrian street, enjoy the atmosphere, or buy provisions in one of the many grocery stores. 

Payment of harbour fee
If you need to refuel, marine diesel oil is available 24 hours a day. All credit cards are accepted. Electricity, water and shower are included in the harbour fee.

The harbour fee can be paid in cash, please make use of the envelopes at the harbour master’s office.

Opening hours
May 9th – June 30th: 9 am – 10 am
July 1st – August 9th: 9 am – 10 am & 5 pm – 6 pm
August 10th – September 13th: 9 am – 10 am

The task of harbour master is taken in turns, and you can see the name of the harbour master for the current week at the harbour master’s office, where you will also find a phone number. 

Bike rentals
Take the opportunity to explore the summer countryside with its inviting scenery and historical landmarks. The bicycle paths run all the way to the town of Mariager or east to the coastal village Øster Hurup. A brisk 5 kilometre (3 miles) bicycle trip will take you to Havnø Estate and Northern Jutland’s oldest mill, Havnø Mill. You are welcome to borrow bicycles at the harbour master’s office. 

Harbour hopping with the “Mariager Fjord Ticket”

Read more about the Fjord ticket here.

Welcome to Hadsund Marina

Sikker havn

Denne havn er Sikker Havn Certificeret. Det betyder, at redningsudstyr er opsat, placeret og mærket efter en række anbefalinger, for at højne sikkerheden.

Læs mere om certificeringen


at Hadsund Lystbådehavn
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near the harbor

Gelateria davinci

Havnevej 7
9560 Hadsund

Restaurant Davinci

Havnevej 7
9560 Hadsund

Hadsund Færgekro

Færgevej 1
9560 Hadsund

Rådhuset i Hadsund

Himmerlandsgade 9
9560 Hadsund

Hadsund Pizza

Storegade 22
9560 Hadsund


Himmerlandsgade 12
9560 Hadsund

Star Pizza

Storegade 31
9560 Hadsund

Midtpunkt Grillen

Himmerlandsgade 8 A
9560 Hadsund


near Hadsund Lystbådehavn


near Hadsund Lystbådehavn

Buy or rent permanent berths

at Hadsund Lystbådehavn
Maks bådbredde Maks båddybde Maks bådlængde (LOA) Periode Indskud Pladstype
4.00 meter 1.90 meter 15.00 meter Indskuds/-købeplads
4.00 meter 1.90 meter 12.10 meter Indskuds/-købeplads
4.00 meter 1.90 meter 9.20 meter Indskuds/-købeplads
2.50 meter 1.90 meter 14.00 meter 12500 kr. Lejeplads, uden indskud
3.00 meter 1.90 meter 14.00 meter 15000 kr. Lejeplads, uden indskud
3.60 meter 1.90 meter 14.00 meter 18000 kr. Lejeplads, uden indskud
4.00 meter 2.00 meter 14.00 meter 20000 kr. Lejeplads, uden indskud

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