Experience island life

On the islands, nature is all around you

The small island marinas are close to beaches and natural coastal areas. A mere stone’s throw from the marinas you will find coastal cliffs, tidal meadows, lagoons, lakes and idyllic hiking routes with a sea view all around.

The many Danish small islands are small, lively, local communities with between 20 and 900 resident islanders, in addition to ”extras” (part-time residents, summer residents, tourists and different kinds of island lovers). Among what we have gathered under the heading “Danish Small Islands”, Anholt Harbour is the largest with 250 berths. In second and third place we have Tunø Harbour and Fur Harbour with 170 and 150 berths, respectively. Among our smallest marinas are Barsø, Bjørnø and Hjortø harbours with less than 10 berths.

The island harbour is small and family-friendly

Here you will find nice bathing beaches and, of course, crab hunting and fishing, fun at the playgrounds and cosy evenings at the barbecue areas. The children can explore the hinterlands, follow a trail through the tidal meadows or along a dirt road, or borrow a bicycle at the harbour for further explorations.

When you berth at an island harbour, you are instantly smack in the middle of island life. You will be close to the small, local grocery store, roadside stalls, the island school, dirt roads, friendliness, local music events and farmers and their livestock. Remember that friendly saluting is compulsory on many of the islands. On some of the islands you will also find cafés and museums.

The islands have something to everyone’s taste

Several small islands are leading areas within new initiatives on the culinary front. Ciders, ice cream, wine and beer are just a few of the foods that have placed the islands on the menu. Several islands will have their own brewery with serving on the premises. On a couple of them, you will even find a vineyard where you can both get a guided tour and taste the products.

On other islands, summertime means lots of activities; you will find events for active families, like on Lyø, which organizes the Lyø Escape Sejladsen – ”Lyø Escape Sail”, Strynø, which organizes seal safaris, or Endelave, which hosts a multitude of sports and nature activities during summer.

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