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Paddling to Hjelmshoved

On your way into the marina at the island Hjortø, you will have passed its smaller counterpart, Hjelmshoved, on your port side. This islet is definitely worth a visit.

At low tide, you may be able to reach the small island dry-shod, but we recommend getting into your swimwear, because at high tide the water may reach up to your waist.

The distance between Hjortø and Hjelmshoved is around 200 metres (0.12 miles), and the route you will be following is the same one that the inhabitants of the tiny island’s two smallholdings have to follow on foot or in barges to get out and back. Today, both buildings are weekend houses, but earlier both were used for farming. However, the farmers did not have enough land to feed their families, so they had to combine it with going to Hjortø as day labourers at the large farms.

There have been smallholdings on Hjelmshoved for many generations, and censuses show that there have been people residing on the island at least as far back as the 18th century. The current buildings date from the 19th century, and even if only two or three families live on a small island, they are not necessarily the best of friends. The story goes on Hjortø that the two families who lived on Hjelmshoved at the beginning of the 20th century were mad at each other and not on speaking terms.

The trip along the water and around the entire island of Hjelmshoved is around 2 kilometres (1.25 miles) long. At the low-lying northern part of the island, you will find a bird sanctuary that is closed for protection from March 1 to July 15.

If you visit here during the closed season, you can instead cut across the middle of the island and go by a protected pond where fire-bellied toads live.

Outside the closed season, you can enjoy your halfway break with your back resting against an abandoned small house with a view across the marine channels Højestene Løb and Knudedyb.

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Source: Hjortø's own website

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