Lillebæltsværftet " Old Shipyard"

Nowadays, the Little Belt boatyard is operated as a museum boatyard and maritime history centre for the northern part of the Little Belt, where wooden boatbuilding traditions continue to be preserved and disseminated.

Dinghies and boats have been built at the small shipyard since 1855. “Little Belt dinghies” were built here, which were used for porpoise whaling, fishing and pilotage.
The preferred construction technique of the day was clinker construction.
A clinker boat is a special type of boat with a hull structure that uses overlapping planks.
The traditions surrounding the use of the clinker-built boat have existed for more than a thousand years and are an important part of Nordic coastal culture and cultural heritage.
The Clinker building is therefore included on UNESCO's list of irreplaceable sites of cultural heritage and the Little Belt Boatyard is one of the few places in the world where boats continue to be built according to the old tradition.


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